qBittorrent closes by itself when PC has woken up from suspend #6204

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evgenybf commented Jan 5, 2017

Ubuntu 16.04.1, Unity, Bittorrent 3.3.10
After resuming the PC from suspend qBittorrent closes by itself with exit code 0.

$ qbittorrent
$ echo $?
ngosang commented Jan 11, 2017

Could you provide more info? What were you doing?

evgenybf commented Jan 12, 2017 edited


  1. Start downloading and select "Tools>On Downloads Done>Suspend System".
    When the downloading has completed, the system automatically goes to sleep. After resuming qBittorrent has already stopped working (?WRONG). Note that when you start qBittorrent again "Tools>On Downloads Done>Suspend System" is not selected (OK).

  2. Select "Tools>On Downloads Done>Suspend System". It's not matter if any downloads are active.
    Manually put the computer to sleep (by pressing hard Suspend button / closing the lid of your notebook / pressing Unity DE's Suspend button). After resuming the application goes off (WRONG). Note, that "Tools>On Downloads Done>Suspend System" is still selected so it terminates every time when you suspend the computer.

I can't reproduce it without checking off the Suspend System check box though.

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