[feature] Ability to see number of peer connections trackers initiated #6224

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would it be useful to see (in the tracker list view or peer list view) which tracker helped to connect me with the peer establishing active upload/download? I mean for example:

A) in torrent list, click torrent, click "Peers" tab, see new columnwhere it shows the tracker/s that has this peer/helped to connect with this peer.

B) in trackers view would be new column with count of peer connections (me and some other person) the tracker helped to establish since qbittorent start/since beginning of the time. This might be nice indicator if i want to get rid of such a tracker. Also would be good to see global statistics across all torrents so i can find trackers which established near zero peer connections so i can globally remove them (reducing connections qBt makes reannouncing). Maybe connections count would produce too big numbers, so another option is some kind of "ratio".

Also would be good to see peers duplicity across trackers. So i can remove trackers which usually have same/duplicate peers, it could be an indicator of the tracker usefulness. Does it have usually common peers with other trackers, or does it usually come with peers other trackers does not have?

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