qBittorrent not extracting files after completion #6226

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I am using "Run an external program..." parameter "unrar x r %f%n*.rar %f%n" but for some reason nothing happens after torrent completion. qB version is 3.1.8 and I am running Ubuntu 14.04...

evsh commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

You can put a test script instead of your command, which will just print its arguments to test what's going on, but AFAIK qBt is case sensitive when parsing the command string, i.e. you have to write

unrar x r %F%N*.rar %F%N

P.S. Can't understand what %F%N is supposed to stand for.


I tried unrar x r %F%N*.rar %F%N and still no go :(

%F%N stands for content path and torrent name

I also tried %S which stands for save path


This is not qBittorrent's problem.

You can easily check your command line like this:
echo unrar x r %F%N*.rar %F%N >> /tmp/qbt.txt

You will see what's wrong by typing:
cat /tmp/qbt.txt


thanks for that, it help me figure out what was wrong with my command line!

this works for me: unrar x -r %F/*.rar %F

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