Random crash while downloading 50GB torrent #6372

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qBittorrent version and Operating System: 3.3.10, Windows 10

What is the problem: Program randomly crashes when attempting to download a ~50GB torrent.

What is the expected behavior: It shouldn't crash.

Does qBittorrent store log files somewhere? I haven't been able to locate them. The crash report doesn't show anything, instead being stuck in a Not Responding state.


This is getting absurd. The program stops responding. I had to restart, recheck several times. I suppose the torrent will finish downloading eventually, but this isn't normal.

Seeker2 commented Feb 14, 2017

32bit version of qBitTorrent?
qBT's cache settings?
Any chance qBT is crashing due to high ram usage?


Does the program save any crash logs? Is there any way to read those logs?

I'll check what version I have when I get home, but I think the process of finding the error would be much better if a log were available.




A long time has passed since the last crash, but I'll keep that in mind for the next. Thank you.


Also thanks to Seeker2 for the tips. Not sure which version I had, but I installed the 64 over it just in case. As for the cache settings, they're default, I haven't messed with them. I'll look at my ram next time it freezes, but I hope it's smart enough to write in the log when it crashes.

Hope I'll solve it, becasue qBT is otherwise such an awesome program.

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