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qBittorrent version and Operating System:

3.3.10 ; macOS 10.12.3

What is the problem:

Why do all the files get downloaded from a torrent, although i have selected only the desired ones?

What is the expected behavior:

After the metadata has been retrieved, we have an option to select the desired files for download from the Torrent information section.
Once the user selects the files, only those have to be downloaded ignoring the unchecked ones.
But qBittorrent downloads all the files irrespective of those unchecked.

Steps to reproduce:

Open any torrent file which has multiple files within for downloading.
After the metadata is retrieved, uncheck any file and process the torrent for download.
After download completion, check the folder to find even the unchecked file has been downloaded.


@thalieht : the FAQ says it'll be partially downloaded, but i can see that the complete files are being downloaded even when they're unchecked. Isn't this a waste of bandwidth and disk space ?

I've used other torrent clients like μTorrent, and they seem to be fine while ignoring the unchecked items.


Well those files must be smaller than the torrent's piece size and thus there is no way to download less than the complete piece.

Other clients are downloading the required pieces from those files. They just hide them in some other file out of sight from the user and that is what qbt will do in the future as well.


Utorrent, I have not used it for some time, but it creates a .dat file with these pieces, Vuze has the option to put those files in a separate folder and so on.

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