Compiling with MSVC 10.0(dynamic linkage)

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We are building qBittorrent on Windows with MSVC compiler instead of MinGW. This choice was made because MinGW does not support wide characters. MSVC compiler also generates smaller executables than MinGW.

  • Download and install Visual C++ 2010 Express
  • Download and install Qt binaries compiled with MSVC (not compiled with MinGW)
  • Add MSVC and Qt bin/ folders (C:\Qt\4.8.2\bin and C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin) to the PATH environment variable
  • Download Boost Jam (bjam) and Boost library (v1.42-1.51 are known to work) and unzip them
  • Compile boost using the following command in a terminal (bjam must be in the PATH)
 bjam -q --with-filesystem --with-thread --toolset=msvc variant=release link=static runtime-link=shared 
  • Define BOOST_ROOT environment variable and point to the boost source folder (you will need to close and reopen your terminal window after that)
  • Download OpenSSL v0.9.x and install it
  • Copy OpenSSL include folder (C:\OpenSSL\include\openssl) to MSVC include/ folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\include)
  • Download libtorrent and extract it (v0.14.10-v0.16.0svn are known to work)
  • Compile libtorrent using the following command in a terminal:
 bjam -q --without-python --toolset=msvc variant=release link=static runtime-link=shared logging=none geoip=static dht-support=on boost=source define="BOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION=2" encryption=openssl
  • Download a recent qBittorrent
    • GIT repository is located at git://
    • Tarballs are available from sourceforge here
  • Download and install Qt Creator IDE
    • Configure Qt Creator to use Qt-msvc
  • Start QtCreator IDE and load qBittorrent project file (
  • Edit winconf.pri to point to the correct include and lib paths on your file system (boost, libtorrent, OpenSSL)
    • boost libs are generated in boost_1_51\stage\lib
    • libtorrent lib is generated in bin\msvc-10.0express\release\boost-source\geoip-static\link-static\threading-multi\
    • OpenSSL libs are located at C:\OpenSSL\lib\VC as a default
  • Build qBittorrent using QtCreator, it should compile fine!
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