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How to translate qBittorrent

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Current qBittorrent ≥ v4.1
Previous qBittorrent v3.2.0 - v4.0.x
Obsolete qBittorrent < v3.2.0

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qBittorrent is currently translated into approximately ~70 languages and we are always looking for new translators to help us make qBittorrent available into as many languages as possible.

Translating strings used in NSIS installer

You can find the files at:

Feel free to submit a Pull Request (PR) for the changes you made.

Translating qBittorrent

We are using Transifex to localize qBittorrent. For the localization progress, visit the project page.

If you want to help, sign up for free, select the language you want to translate and request to join the translation team. Once you are accepted as a member of the team, you can proceed with the translation.

Transifex provides an easy to use web interface to work on the translation.

You can alternatively work locally using tools such as Qt Linguist and submit your changes using the Transifex web interface or the command-line client. Before pushing changes make sure your local files are updated to latest or you might override the work of others.

Things you need to pay attention to

  • HTML tags
    We tried not to put much html code in the translatable strings but some of them still contain some HTML tags in them. If it is the case, please recopy the html tags in the translation as is and translate the rest of the string. The HTML MUST be present in the translation and at the same location.

  • %1, %2, %3...
    These were introduced to give the translator more flexibility. They must appear as is in the translated string but their location can change (this is the point). Some languages require that some words are moved in the sentence in order to be understandable. (i.e.: Finished to download %1. can be translated in french as Le téléchargement de %1 est terminé.)

  • Keyboard shortcuts: &
    They should be present in the translation too. Just recopy them at the same location.

  • Comments
    Sometimes, it may be important to understand to context in order to translate well. This is why I sometimes include comments in the translation files. Refer to Context in More details on the online editor.

Translating Bittorrent specific terms

If you need help understanding some Bittorrent specific terms, you can refer to these pages: