How to use qBittorrent as a tracker

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Since qBittorrent v2.5.0, qBittorrent ships a fully-functional tracker that allows you to share files with your friends way more easily.

Table of Contents

Enable the embedded tracker

qBittorrent's embedded tracker is disabled as a default to save resources. If you wish to use it, you need to enable it in the advanced preferences panel ("Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Enable embedded tracker").

As a default, the tracker URL is:


Forward the tracker port on your router

If you want your tracker to be accessible from Internet (i.e. outside your LAN), you will probably have to configure your router to forward the tracker port to your machine (default: 9000).

Once you have configure your router, you can test that your configuration is working by:

  1. Running qBittorrent
  2. Enabling the embedded tracker
  3. Go to
    1. Type in your tracker port (e.g. 9000)
    2. Press the "Check" button
  4. You should get a position result or this means that your router is not properly configured.

How to share files with my friends using qBittorrent?

  1. Enable the embedded tracker in advanced preferences
  2. Run the "Torrent creation tool" in qBittorrent
  3. Select the local files you wish to share
  4. Type in the URL of your local tracker in the tracker list (http://your_public_ip:9000/announce)
    1. You can check to know your public IP address
  5. Check the "Start seeding after creation" box
  6. Press the "Create and save..." button
    1. Save the torrent file wherever you like
  7. Send this newly created .torrent file to your friends and they will be able the download the files you are sharing using any Bittorrent client.

If you are using qBittorrent without X

Stop qBittorrent and add the following lines to ~/.config/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.conf:


under the [Preferences] section.

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