Setting up qBittorrent as a daemon on CentOS 7

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  • CentOS 7_x64
  • systemctl


You have two options for installation

If you choose to install from EPEL you can simply sudo yum install qbittorrent-nox.x86_64

Creating a systemctl script

  1. Create a script so that we can control qbittorrent with systemctl
    sudo vi /usr/lib/systemd/system/qbittorrent.service
  2. Enterito enter insert mode then paste the code below, change <username> to the user you want to run qbittorrent with. Note that you can't run as user nobody.
    Description=qbittorrent torrent server


  1. Save the script
    Enter:wq then press enter to save the script
  2. reload systemctl, this will make systemd take notice of the new script
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  3. Start qbittorrent and accept the user agreement sudo qbittorrent-nox, press y then Enter. Now close qbittorrent Ctrl-C
  4. Start the qbittorrent service sudo systemctl start qbittorrent

Start at boot

sudo systemctl enable qbittorrent