Things we need to know to help you with 'speed' issues

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Do You Have Speed Problems?

If so, please do not ask for assistance here, go to the Official qBittorrent support forum and provide the answers to the following:

Connection Speed

What your ISP has sold you is irrelevant, to calculate a starting place for settings requires a real time check of bandwidth/speed capability.


Turn off any and all BitTorrent clients that are running, open in a browser, run the test(s), then provide a screen shot of the results in your post.

Version and Operating System

This is essential. Also before asking, please ensure that you are using the latest release for your OS. See the news page first, as we do not support older versions of qBittorrent.

qBittorrent Settings Information

  • Connections: Global maximum and per torrent
  • Listening port
  • Upload slots: Global maximum and per torrent
  • Half-open connection value
  • Is uTP on or off?
  • Rate limiting uTP?
  • Encryption on or off?
  • IPv6 on or off?
  • libtorrent version (use Help -> About -> Libraries to identify that)
  • Connection status? (the icon on the status bar will tell you)
  • DHT node count (on the status bar)
  • Are you using a proxy or a VPN?

What type of user profile are you?

  • Do you seed more than download? or vice versa?
  • How many tasks do you expect to run on average?
  • Do you use the machine for other tasks simultaneous with BitTorrent downloads?
  • Are there other users on the LAN?

If a specific loaded task is a problem, please provide:

  • The status of the task.
  • Seed and Peer counts in bracketed form x(n)... The number in the bracket is possible, the number outside is actual.
  • Tracker status information.

If providing screen shots for any of the above, please hide the name column or obfuscate the name and/or hash id of the task along with 'access keys' in 'private' tracker URIs

Please note: We DO NOT need or want metadata file (.torrent) URIs or magnet links to downloadable content that is NOT open source or public domain material. Failure to comply with this will result in a warning and/or account removal.

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