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(ns action.core)
(def cloudant-fun (js/require "cloudant"))
(def cloudant (cloudant-fun "url goes here"))
(def mydb (.use (aget cloudant "db") "openwhisk_inventory"))
; Process an action with its parameters and the existing database
; return the result of the action
(defn processDB [action dbase data]
(case action
"getAll" {"data" dbase}
"getAvailable" {"data" (into {} (filter #(> (nth % 1) 0) dbase))}
"processCorrection" (do
(def dbaseNew (into dbase data))
{"data" dbaseNew}
"processPurchase" (do
(def dbaseNew (merge-with #(- %1 %2) dbase data))
{"data" dbaseNew}
"processReorder" (do
(def dbaseNew (merge-with #(+ (- %1 0) (- %2 0)) dbase data))
{"data" dbaseNew}
{"error" "Unknown action"}
) ; end of case
) ; end of processDB
(defn cljsMain [params] (
let [
cljParams (js->clj params)
action (get cljParams "action")
data (get cljParams "data")
updateNeeded (or (= action "processReorder")
(= action "processPurchase")
(= action "processCorrection"))
; Because promise-resolve is here, it can reference
; action
(defn promise-resolve [resolve param] (let
dbaseJS (aget param "dbase")
dbaseOld (js->clj dbaseJS)
result (processDB action dbaseOld data)
rev (aget param "_rev")
(if updateNeeded
(.insert mydb (clj->js {"dbase" (get result "data"),
"_id" "dbase",
"_rev" rev})
#(do (prn result) (prn (get result "data")) (resolve (clj->js result)))
(resolve (clj->js result))
) ; end of let
) ; end of defn promise-resolve
(defn promise-func [resolve reject]
(.get mydb "dbase" #(promise-resolve resolve %2))
(js/Promise. promise-func)
) ; end of let
) ; end of cljsMain
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