QCAD - The Open Source 2D CAD. QCAD is a crossplatform CAD solution for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It supports the DXF format and optionally the DWG format (through a proprietary plugin).
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QCAD - The Open Source 2D CAD

QCAD is a 2D CAD solution for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Its core is developed in C++, based on the Qt tool kit. QCAD can be extended through a C++ plugin interface as well as through its very powerful and complete scripting interface (ECMAScript/JavaScript).


QCAD started as version 1 in October 1999 and has since evolved through version 2 (September 2003) and the current version 3 (from July 2012).


The QCAD 3 source code is released under the GPLv3 open source license. Script add-ons and C++ plugins are released under their respective licenses.


Detailed compilation instructions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux can be found on our web site at: