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qcadoo MES beautiful screenshot

qcadoo MES

qcadoo MES is an Internet application for production management targeted at small and medium companies.It combines the functions of large ERP systems, adapting it to the specific character of Small and Medium Companies.

Quick start

Choose one of the following options:

  1. Download the latest binary stable release from GitHub Releases
  2. Build qcadoo MES from sources with this instruction

Community vs Commercial version

qcadoo MES comes in two different versions:

  • Community version - the Open Source version from this repo
  • Commercial version - the version developed and sold by Qcadoo Limited

Commercial version provides i.e.

  • full support
  • SaaS deployment
  • REST API for integration
  • ready integration modules with popular ERP software, Pipedrive, SCADA
  • additional features (like i.e. Gantt planning, warehouse material flow, maintenance planning module and others)


The code is available under the GNU AGPLv3.