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Hook.io - The Basics

Three tutorials describing the methods of accessing the hook.io cloud (using vanilla hooks and the hook.io repl), connecting to your hooks, and the hook.io events basics.

Part 1 - Using Hooks

This tutorial differentiates between the client and server roles of vanilla hooks and the hook.io repl, a full-featured repl with autocomplete.

Part 2 - Hook Discovery

In this video, hook.io's automatic hook discovery is explained - a hook.io feature that automagically configures the hook's role on the network when hook.start() is called. Additionally, two other methods of initiating a hook connection - hook.listen() and hook.connect() - are detailed.

Part 3 - Hook Events

In the final Hook.io Basics tutorial, hook.io events are taught. The two hook.io methods for working with events, hook.emit() (for emitting events to hooks) and hook.on() (for listening to specific hook events) are shown here.