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Name: aidr-common

Code: https://github.com/Qatar-Computing-Research-Institute/CrisisComputing/tree/master/aidr-common


The aidr-common module contains code that is common to the entire application. The core elements of this common code are:

  • Definition of logging mechanisms (package qa.qcri.aidr.common.logging)
  • Definition of common exceptions (package qa.qcri.aidr.common.exception)
  • Definition of common response formats (package qa.qcri.aidr.common.values)

Additional elements may include utility functions common to more than one module of the application.


This is implemented as a Java EE application, using the following libraries:

  • Jackson 1.9.13 (JSON processor wrapper for backward compatibility)
  • FasterXML (JSON processor wrapper) -- (why not GSON? ChaTo)

Module Dependencies

  • None.
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