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Name: aidr-persister



The aidr-persister module stores (persists) the items that have been collected and/or tagged into files. The items are persisted in JSON format in zip-compressed files.

The aidr-persister module also allow users to perform filtering and conversion operations on these files.

Filtering operations are the same ones as implemented in aidr-output.

Conversion operations are basically to allow three types of file format:

  • One JSON array containing all items.
  • One JSON object on a line per item.
  • One comma-separated-value (CSV) line per item.

The aidr-persister module has [no explicit per-collection start/stop](Per collection start or stop).


  • Google GSON 2.2.4 (JSON processor)
  • JEDIS 2.4.2 (REDIS API library)
  • SuperCSV (CSV library)
  • Jersey 2+ (for JAX-RX 2.0)
  • FasterXML (JSON processor)

Module Dependencies

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