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=== Easy Digital Downloads - Netbilling Payment Gateway Basic ===
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
Contributors: QCTechJunkie
Tags: ecommerce, e-commerce, sell, downloads, store, netbilling, checkout, shop
Requires at least: 4.4
Tested up to: 5.2.1
Stable Tag: 1.0.0
Requires PHP: 5.3.3
License: GNU Version 2 or Any Later Version

Intended for merchants who wish to utilize the NETbilling pre-generated payment forms with Easy Digital Downloads.

== Description ==

Intended for merchants who wish to utilize the NETbilling pre-generated payment forms with Easy Digital Downloads.

= Securely Accept Payments with Netbilling =
Use Netbilling’s payment form with Easy Digital Downloads, providing the best security and reliability for payment processing with your Netbilling Merchant account.

The customer is redirected from your EDD enabled website to a customizable payment form on the NETbilling™ Gateway’s secure servers, which collects the credit card and address information for you and displays a receipt to the customer, then redirects them back to a specified url (typically on your web site). The payment form is completely customizable, down to including your own logo on the form, selectable background colors to match your website’s look and feel, and the ability to control which fields are displayed and whether they are optional or required.

= Why Use Netbilling? =
Accept all Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards permitted by your merchant account – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, JCB
Netbilling 24 hour call center support
Accept international transactions from customers worldwide
Want More?
Check out the pro version of [Easy Digital Downloads Netbilling Gateway](

= Pro Version Features =
* No Redirects - Customers stay on the merchants site, no payment forms or redirects
* Card Management - Customers can save/update/delete credit cards from their accounts
* Recurring Payments - Complete support to [Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments]( plugin. This allows you to create a store that offers recurring subscriptions and licensing products.
* Priority Support

== Installation ==

1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/plugin-name` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
3. Go to Downloads > Settings and configure the options

= Need more payment gateway options? =

Payment gateways supported through premium extension from QCTechJunkie:

* [Netbilling Pro](
* [GoCoin](

= Contribute via GitHub =

Contribute on [GitHub](

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Are recurring payments supported? =

No, you will need to purchase the Pro version of the [Easy Digital Downloads Netbilling Gateway](

== Changelog ==

= 1.0.0: June 1, 2019 =

* Released on


Netbilling's payment form gateway for Easy Digital Downloads. Only handles standard payments.






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