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QCubed Plugins Central Repository

This is the central location for all current plugins. This is a super-repo that links to individual plugin repos.

Creating a Plugin here

Step 1. Create a brand new repo for your plugin with a unique name. (We really need a skeleton of a plugin as an example, until then just try to mimic the current ones.)

Step 2. Create a pull request from your repo to here.

Step 3. Wait... Someone will review, test, and then create a QCubed repo from yours and close the pull request. Or they will let you know why your plugin is not yet accepted. Either way, the pull requests are a good place to check for unstable, coming-soon plugins.

Step 4. Help maintain the plugin. All future edits can be pull requested to the QCubed repo (not this one) and you will be set as a contributor. This way you can also accept the pull requests from other developers without having them go to your fork.

Plugin Installation

More to come.