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libnifalcon ChangeLog
Numbers refer to bug listings for libnifalcon bug tracking system
2010-10-27 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1.0.2
* Fixed include path for libusb to contain include directory
* Fixed various build system bugs
* Updated version of compily_buildd
* Added package files for Macports (Thanks to John Richards) and homebrew on OS X
2009-09-20 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1.0.1
* Fixed bug with connecting to/using multiple falcons using libusb communications
* Added adjusted geometry measurements by Niall Begley
* Fixed bug with reloading firmware through reused FalconDevice object
* Added ability to test multiple falcons to findfalcons
* Added findfalcons_multi example to test multiple falcons with simultanious access
2009-09-06 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1.0 Final
* Upgraded build system support to work with new Compily Buildd system (
* Integrated Alastair Barrow's new kinematics core based on the RL Stamper paper (replacing Kevin Ouellet's implementation)
* Added SWIG support with python and java builds and examples
* Removed libftdi support since libusb 1.0 works on all platforms and libftdi is the only library using non-polling updates
* Defaulted comm libraries in FalconDevice (ftd2xx on windows, libusb-1.0 everywhere else).
* Restored falcon_mouse example, since building is more stable
* Documented a whole bunch. Doxygen now puts out something resembling a manual.
* Decided it was time to kick out of the beta phase and just be done with v1.0.
2009-05-17 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 beta 4
* Fixed include install directories (#15)
* Fixed include file listings so that they show up in Visual Studio projects (#9)
* Fixed program option printing (#18)
* Divided falcon_test_cli into multiple smaller tests
* Added color fading test to falcon_test_cli
* Added wall test to falcon_test_cli (#2)
* Changed internal implementation holding to use smart pointers instead of bare pointers (#12)
* Fixed double free bug in libusb (#21)
* Cleaned loop counting methods in falcon_test_cli (#19 #22)
* Added per-comm-target compiles for findfalcons test (#17)
* Added QPT timing calls for windows (#6)
* Updated gmtl to v0.6.0
* Added package file generation for pkg-config (Thanks to Stephen Sinclair)
* Removed unnecessary stdint.h types
* Added blocking read/write calls to comm libraries for loading firmware
* Fixed validity checks for firmware mode setting and firmware loading across all comm cores
* Fixed firmware existence checking, now much more reliable
* Changed all array passing to use boost::array instead of bare arrays
* Fixed FTD2XX comm library to make reading more stable
2009-03-14 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 beta 3
* Overhauled CMake system because I didn't really know what I was doing with it the first time around (and may still not this time)
* Added logging capabilities using Apache's log4cxx library
* Removed C code completely, still available in repository (boneyard directory) but no longer distributed in source tarballs
* Rearranged src directory to only contain what used to be in cpp directory
* Added pregen'd angular matrix LUT header since it currently never changes but takes a bit of time to generate on some systems
* Added logging level options to FalconCLIBase
* Fixed lots of small bugs in findfalcons_cpp, FalconCLIBase, falcon_test_cli
* Fixed compiling in Visual Studio on windows (MinGW still works fine too)
2008-12-06 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 beta 2
* Changed units in stamper kinematic core position readings from millimeters to meters
* Changed units in stamper kinematic core force values to newtons (now matches HDAL)
* Changed units in FalconGeometry to meters
* Updated falcon_test_cli to reflect unit changes
* Added many more comments, though still nothing in depth
* Removed falcon_mouse demo (many people have difficulty building and it doesn't work right, moved to own repository,
* Fixed some const/reference passing arguments
* Changed comm libraries to use pointers and prototypes to remove necessity for comm includes in lib headers
* Fixed FTD2XX compatibility (comm driver hadn't been working in the past few releases)
* Fixed compilation and compatibility for windows (now using mingw as test compiler)
2008-11-16 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 beta 1
* Added libusb-1.0 support for linux
* Rewrote packet building function in FirmwareNovintSDK class to deal with partial packets
* Added ENABLE_GPROF option to build with -pg for gprof profiling
* Added sample udev files for linux device setup
* Removed C-based libnifalcon libraries from default builds, since they're no longer being kept up
* Removed findfalcons_cpp from being installed, since falcon_test_cli is the useful one
* Fixed RPATH sets in cmake
* Added <cstring> includes for memcpy so builds work on Fedora
* Added loop timing test to falcon_test_cli
* Added cube test to falcon_test_cli (Thanks to Stephen Sinclair)
* Fixed stability issues in falcon_test_cli (Thanks to Stephen Sinclair)
* Added firmware loading from memory
* Added firmware as header includes
* Added bin2h python utility for firmware conversion
* Added nvent extracted firmware (considered to be 'release' firmware)
* Moved includes to include directory to mirror final install state
* Updated all libnifalcon includes to reflect proper full path
2008-10-19 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 alpha 4
* More cmake file condensing
* Fixed comparison bug in FalconGripFourButton
* Added CPU specific optimizations for option for GCC builds
* Added Fast Math optimization option for GCC >= 4.0
* Added (but commented out) packet buffering scheme for firmware
* Fixed bug with returning grip info data portion from novint firmware object
* Fixed library misnaming for C libraries (Thanks to Stephen Sinclair)
* Removed automatic ftd2xx building from Mac and Linux due to symbol issues (now requires explicit CMake option setting - FORCE_FTD2XX_BUILD)
* Added cmake option for libusb debug messages (LIBUSB_DEBUG)
* Added execution flags to the FalconDevice runIOLoop function
2008-10-11 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 alpha 3
* Overhauled cmake files to make building cleaner
* Renamed c libraries to libnifalcon_c
* Renamed c++ libraries to libnifalcon
* Added Findlibnifalcon cmake module
* Added GMTL to source distribution
* Folded Stamper kinematics functionality into main library
2008-10-05 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 alpha 2
* Added beginnings of HDL compatibility libraries
* Added novint license since libnifalcon includes SDK code and firmware, which is covered under their license
* Added FindBoost cmake module from CMake 2.6.2.
* Fixed findfalcons_cpp demo compiling and double deletion bug
2008-09-20 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v1 alpha 1
* Changed license to BSD
* Added new C++ based libnifalcon library
* Added kinematics classes by Kevin Ouellet
* Removed OpenGL examples for the moment
* Removed C based kinematics classes until they are corrected
2008-08-20 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v0.5
* Fixed firmware initialization race condition that caused various loading issues
* Added check to see if firmware is already on the falcon
* Changed findfalcons output to make it slightly more usable
* Added more error reporting to test firmware
2008-07-15 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v0.4
* Removed stray "_s" extensions in CMake files
2008-05-26 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v0.3
* Fixed libftdi latency timer sets, library now runs much faster on Linux and OS X
* Added basic kinematics algorithms to do IK/DK placement calculations for the end effector
* Added OpenGL kinematics simulation for visualization
2008-04-05 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v0.2
* Fixed input packet motor bit shifting error (Thanks to Michael Huang and Jared Allen)
* Added libftdi support for platforms where FTDI drivers are not available (64-bit Linux) or do not work properly (OS X, Linux)
* Added library checks for CMake to figure out what can and cannot be built
* Changed base device to a struct for extensibility
* Added non-printf error checking to clean up library
* Added lots of other stuff I'm probably forgetting here
2008-02-17 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v0.1
* First release of libnifalcon project, includes source files and cmake build system
2007-08-19 Kyle Machulis <>
* Release v0.0.0.1
* Released basic python script documenting simple communication with device
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