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NP Boneyard - Where Old Projects Go to Die

This is basically the code equivilent of posting pictures of myself as a child/teenager. I've found some old code kicking around on backup disks, and figured I might as well post it for posterity sake, or something.


A simple program to generate every 8-bit number in binary as a black/white image. This was used to generate a Cellular Automata Grid dancefloor using a single texture in Second Life.


A Game of Life implementation that wrote out to text files. Since implementing CA rules in LSL was out of the question due to both time and memory constraints, I had an outside server do it. This is the test code for that server.


My first teledildonics control code. Wrote this to control Force Feedback using DirectX to the SexBox controller.


Hooky was an input injection system for Second Life. At the time it was written, the only way to communicate with objects in world was XML-RPC. This converted joystick and sensor input to XML-RPC packets to control objects.


The first trancevibrator control code I ever wrote, in C#.


Code for a game of nibbles/snake, mean to run on a Gameboy Advance with an Xport controller for sensor I/O.

qEngine V2

There comes a time in every programmers life where they decide they need to program their own game engine, from scratch. This acts as something between a right of passage and good ol' teenage self-harming. I did this in 2002. It got as far as rendering bitmap fonts and a rotating cube.

Second Life Projects


A general purpose control system to be worn as a bracelet. Basically my own version of the Multitool. Never really got very far with this.


A 96x96 CA grid that could be used as a dancefloor, assuming you didn't mind spamming people with 96 texture position updates per frame.


The code the drove the exhibit kiosks in the Second Life Nonpolynomial Labs building


A sign that scrolled messages.


On top of the NPLabs building was a satellite that was supposed to be where XML-RPC messages were send and received. I was going to try to make a game out of it, this is how far I got.


Archive of old code projects I find laying around that I'll probably never update






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