Minor mode for editing pages and posts in Pelican sites
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pelican-mode is a minor mode for editing pages and posts in Pelican sites. It's intended to be used alongside markdown-mode or rst-mode.

It also assumes you've set up Pelican with pelican-quickstart or something like it. In particular it assumes:

  • The existence of pelicanconf.py and Makefile in some ancestor directory.
  • The first component of the path (e.g. content) after that ancestor is irrelevant.
  • If the next component is pages, that indicates a static page rather than a dated post.

It also enforces some parts of my preferred Pelican configuration:

  • Categories are never provided (you can have one if you want, but the default interactive commands don't provide one).
  • Tags are always provided.
  • Slugs are explicit, and include nested subdirectories.

Quick Guide

  • C-x p n - Insert a post or page header
  • C-x p p - Remove draft status from a post (i.e. publish it)
  • C-x p t - Update the date field in a post/page header
  • C-x p h - Generate HTML output for a site (equivalent to make html)
  • C-x p u - Upload a site using rsync (equivalent to make rsync_upload)


If the commands which invoke make can find the Makefile but can't find pelican, your exec-path may not be set right. Try out exec-path-from-shell.


This code is released into the public domain via the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.