Share .ipa to others easily.
Objective-C Shell
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Thanks for

  1. This shell will upload .ipa to and others can install from it.
  2. This shell only be used for share .ipa to others. So make sure you already configured code signing identity right.

EasytoMore is a demo use Xcode. Command+B to build and it's works.

Configuration easily.


Copy all code from to Xcode Run Script.

  1. change ad_hoc to your "Build Configuration" name.

    if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" = "ad_hoc" ]; then
  2. change pathtoartwork to your artwork or icon path.


That's all. It will alert url when you build use Build Configuration = "ad_hoc".


Open url use Safari on iPhone. Then click QR code.

qr code

qr code

If have any question, let me know.

Sina Weibo: @qdvictory