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QEDA is a Node.js library aimed to simplify creating libraries of electronic components for using in EDA software. You can easily create both symbols for schematic and land patterns for PCB.


  • Downloading component definitions from global repository
  • Generating schematic symbols:
    • Single and multi part IC (dual-in-line, quad)
    • Connector
    • Capacitor, crystal, diode, FET, fuse, inductor, LED, pushbutton, resistor, switch, test point, transistor, TVS
    • Power supply, ground
    • GOST style alternative
  • Borrowing packages dimensions from standards:
    • Industrial (JEDEC, JEITA)
    • Manufacturer's (NXP)
  • Land pattern calculation according to IPC-7351 (tending to comply latest IPC-7351C):
    • Chip Array
    • Dual (CFP, DIP, SOIC, SOJ, SOL, SON, SOP)
    • Grid Array (BGA, CGA, LGA)
    • Mounting hole
    • Oscillator (corner concave, side concave, side flat)
    • Quad (CQFP, QFN, QFP)
    • Radial lead (Cylindrical)
    • SOT (SOT143, SOT223, SOT23, SOTFL)
    • Test point
    • TO (*PAK)
    • Two Pin (Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Chip, Crystal, Molded body, MELF, SOD, SODFL)
    • Custom element
  • Generating libraries:
  • 3D models generation


QEDA module for using in scripts as well as command line interface:

npm install -g qeda


First example will download component descriptions from library repository then save them to disk and add to library manager. Last string is to generate component library in KiCad format (schematic symbols for Eeschema as well as PCB footprints for PcbNew).


Run in terminal (note that component names are case insensitive but power and ground nets are not):

qeda reset
qeda add altera/5m1270zt144
qeda add analog/ad9393
qeda add st/l3gd20h
qeda add ti/iso722
qeda power +5VDC
qeda power +3V3DC
qeda ground GNDDC
qeda ground signal/GNDS
qeda ground earth/GNDE
qeda ground chassis/GNDCH
qeda generate mylib

And find generated files in ./kicad directory.

Read more about available commands.

From script

Example is written on CoffeeScript but one can use vanilla JavaScript.

Qeda = require 'qeda'

lib = new Qeda.Library
lib.add 'Altera/5M1270ZT144' # Add Altera MAX V CPLD
lib.add 'Analog/AD9393' # Add Analog Devices HDMI interface
lib.add 'ST/L3GD20H' # Add STMicroelectronics gyroscope
lib.add 'TI/ISO722' # Add Texas Instruments digital isolator
lib.power '+5VDC' # Add power supply symbol
lib.power '+3V3DC' # Add another power supply symbol
lib.ground 'GNDDC' # Add ground symbol
lib.ground 'Signal/GNDS' # Add signal ground symbol
lib.ground 'Earth/GNDE' # Add earth ground symbol
lib.ground 'Chassis/GNDCH' # Add chassis ground symbol
lib.generate 'mylib'

Run it:


And find generated files in ./kicad directory.

Custom component description

Any electronic component is described using YAML-file located in ./library directory (or some subdirectory within). You can clone all available descriptions from, add your ones, copy from any source. Then just point correspondent path as parameter for qeda add ... command or Qeda.Library.add method (without ./library/ prefix and .yaml suffix).


name: Dummy

  DIN: 1
  ~DOUT: 2
  Vcc: 3
  GND: 4, 5
  NC: 6-8

  power: Vcc
  ground: GND
  in: DIN
  out: ~DOUT
  nc: NC
  inverted: ~DOUT

  symbol: IC
  left: DIN, NC
  right: ~DOUT, NC
  top: Vcc
  bottom: GND

  outline: JEDEC MS-012 AA

Read more about component description.

Then run in terminal:

qeda reset
qeda add dummy
qeda generate dummy

Or create

Qeda = require 'qeda'

lib = new Qeda.Library
lib.add 'Dummy' # Adding custom element
lib.generate 'dummy'

And run:



Symbol Footprint


Please refer to Documentation section on the website for additional information.


Source code is licensed under MIT license.

Coming soon

  • Generating libraries:
    • Eagle XML format
  • SMD land pattern calculation:
    • LCC
    • PLCC
  • Through-hole land pattern calculation:
    • Axial lead
    • Oscillator
    • PGA
    • Radial lead
    • SIP
    • TO (Flange mount)
    • TO (Cylindrical)
    • Wire