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elmarco and mstsirkin acpi: add ACPI memory clear interface
The interface is described in the "TCG Platform Reset Attack
Mitigation Specification", chapter 6 "ACPI _DSM Function". According
to Laszlo, it's not so easy to implement in OVMF, he suggested to do
it in qemu instead.

See specification documentation for more details, and next commit for
memory clear on reset handling.

The underlying TCG specification is accessible from the following

This patch implements version 1.0.

Signed-off-by: Marc-André Lureau <>
Reviewed-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <>
Reviewed-by: Igor Mammedov <>
Tested-by: Stefan Berger <>
Reviewed-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <>
Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <>
Latest commit ec86c0f Jan 14, 2019
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config docs: Grammar and spelling fixes Jul 13, 2018
devel docs/devel/build-system: fix 'softmu' typo Dec 18, 2018
interop nbd: Document timeline of various features Jan 4, 2019
specs acpi: add ACPI memory clear interface Jan 18, 2019
spin docs: create config/, devel/ and spin/ subdirectories Jun 7, 2017
COLO-FT.txt COLO: Fix Colo doc secondeary should be secondary Oct 31, 2018
amd-memory-encryption.txt target/i386: add Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) object Mar 13, 2018
block-replication.txt docs: block replication's description Sep 13, 2016
bootindex.txt docs qemu-doc: Avoid ide-drive, it's deprecated Jun 4, 2017
can.txt Replace '-enable-kvm' with '-accel kvm' in docs and help texts Jun 28, 2018
ccid.txt libcacard: improve documentation Jun 10, 2014
colo-proxy.txt docs: Grammar and spelling fixes Jul 13, 2018
cpu-hotplug.rst docs: Document vCPU hotplug procedure Dec 11, 2018
generic-loader.txt docs/generic-loader: mention U-Boot and Intel HEX executable formats Aug 20, 2018
igd-assign.txt vfio/pci: Add IGD documentation May 26, 2016
image-fuzzer.txt docs: List all image elements currently supported by the fuzzer Sep 22, 2014
memory-hotplug.txt docs: Grammar and spelling fixes Jul 13, 2018
multi-thread-compression.txt Replace '-enable-kvm' with '-accel kvm' in docs and help texts Jun 28, 2018
multiseat.txt docs: Grammar and spelling fixes Jul 13, 2018
nvdimm.txt nvdimm: Add docs hint for Linux driver name Oct 29, 2018
pci_expander_bridge.txt pxb: cleanup Mar 11, 2016
pcie.txt docs: pcie: Spell out machine type needs for PCIe features Mar 1, 2018
pcie_pci_bridge.txt pci: removed the is_express field since a uniform interface was inserted Feb 8, 2018
pr-manager.rst scsi: add multipath support to qemu-pr-helper Sep 22, 2017
pvrdma.txt docs: Update pvrdma device documentation Dec 22, 2018
qcow2-cache.txt qcow2: Fix cache-clean-interval documentation Oct 1, 2018
qdev-device-use.txt net: Remove the deprecated "vlan" parameter May 14, 2018
qemu-block-drivers.texi docs: Grammar and spelling fixes Jul 13, 2018
qemu-cpu-models.texi docs: add guidance on configuring CPU models for x86 Aug 16, 2018
qemu_logo.pdf docs: add qemu logo to pdf Jan 16, 2017
qemupciserial.inf docs: Grammar and spelling fixes Jul 13, 2018
rdma.txt Use HTTPS for and other domains Nov 21, 2017
replay.txt docs: Fix some typos (most found by codespell) Sep 25, 2018
spice-port-fqdn.txt docs: add spice-port-fqdn.txt Dec 17, 2012
throttle.txt docs: Fix description of the leaky bucket algorithm in throttle.txt Sep 13, 2016
usb-storage.txt usb: Fix typo in documentation Jan 24, 2017
usb2.txt docs/usb2.txt: ehci has six ports Aug 21, 2018
vfio-ap.txt s390: doc: detailed specifications for AP virtualization Oct 12, 2018
virtio-balloon-stats.txt Remove the deprecated -balloon option Aug 31, 2018
xbzrle.txt docs/xbzrle: correction Oct 13, 2016
xen-save-devices-state.txt Fix up dangling references to qmp-commands.* in comment and doc Mar 2, 2018