iTunes S-expression Service: Simple [Remote] Control
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iTunes S-expression Service: Simple [Remote] Control

I like music, my office colleague, Scheme, and OS X (in that particular order). My colleague oftens asks me what music I'm playing at the office and would sometimes like to control the music volume (when he has a phone call to make). What a great occasion to combine all the things I like!

This repository contains a service implemented in Racket that reads S-expression commands/queries and forwards them to iTunes through Scripting Bridge.


You need to have Racket (download here) and Rackjure (raco pkg install rackjure) installed.

Usage Instructions


$ echo "(help)" | racket main.rkt
(help "Available commands:"
      (set-volume 0-100))

Shared (Temporarily)

$ tcpserver -v -H 4137 racket main.rkt
tcpserver: status: 0/40
$ echo "(current-track)" | nc localhost 4137
(track (artist "Clint Heidorn")
       (album "Atwater")
       (name "3")
       (length "3:55"))

Shared (Permanently)

$ mkdir -p compiled ~/Library/LaunchAgents
$ raco exe -o compiled/itunes-sexp-service main.rkt
$ sudo cp compiled/itunes-sexp-service /usr/local/bin
$ cp misc/se.defsoftware.itunes-sexp-service.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
$ launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/se.defsoftware.itunes-sexp-service.plist
$ echo "(volume 75)" | nc localhost 4137