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@@ -28,11 +28,26 @@ Tokens are regular objects with several properties. Amongst them are .tokposw an
The parser has two modes for parsing: simple and extended. Simple mode is mainly for just parsing and returning the streams and a simple parse tree. There's not so much meta information here and this mode is mainly built for speed. The other mode has everything required for Zeon to do its job. This mode is toggled by the instance property .ast, which is true by default :)
Non-factory example:
var input = "foo";
var tree = []; // this should probably be refactored away some day
var tokenizer = new Tokenizer(input); // dito
var parser = new ZeParser(input, tokenizer, tree);
parser.parse(); // returns tree..., should never throw errors
+parser.tokenizer.fixValues(); // makes sure all tokens have a .value property
+Highlighting example:
+var parser = ZeParser.createParser(textarea.value); // textarea.value:input
+parser.tokenizer.fixValues(); // makes sure all tokens have a .value property
+var wtree = parser.tokenizer.wtree; // all the tokens ("token stream", including whitespace)
+textarea.className = '';
+var tokenstrings ={
+ if ( == 14) textarea.className = 'error';
+ return '<span class="t''">'+('\u29e6':('\u292c':t.value)).replace(/&/g,'&amp;').replace(/</g,'&lt;').replace(/>/g,'&gt;')+'</span>';
+// the string that would contain highlighted code
+// tokenstrings.join('');

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