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@ajmcmiddlin's state machine testing talk at Compose Melbourne 2018
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Appetite for dysfunction

This talk aims to do three things:

  1. Introduce state machine testing.
  2. Demonstrate that Haskell and hedgehog can be used to test applications that aren't written in Haskell or use functional programming.
  3. Introduce some tools and techniques that make testing non-Haskell applications easier.

WordPress is used to demonstrate points 2 and 3.

Code for the talk may be found at qfpl/wp-tests.


The version you most likely want is the one given at C◦mp◦se :: Melbourne in 2018. It's tagged as compose.

An earlier version was given at BFPG. This is considered a rough draft, but may be found at tag bfpg.


To build the talk, run nix-build in the project root. To view the build, open result/index.html in your browser.

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