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Leaderboard is a small web service to record the results of matches between players, and provide ranking of players.

State machine testing

This project was used to build up examples for @ajmccluskey's talk on state machine testing at YOW! Lambda Jam in 2018. If you are looking for the version of the code used in that talk, with a separate module for each example, then checkout the ylj2018-20180522 tag.


Currently, leaderboard depends on a few versions of packages that aren't available on hackage. There are two reasons this is the case:

  1. Development was started before beam packages were available on hackage, and the code has not yet been updated to work with newer versions.
  2. Two of the dependencies have been forked and modified, and the pull requests on those packages have not all been merged.

This is all taken care of with nix, so the following should get you a build of the package.


Similarly, to work on the package, one may use nix-shell to be put in an environment where the package can be built.

$ nix-shell
$ cabal new-build

If one desperately wants to build this package without nix, one could clone the relevant repositories (or add them as git submodules), and then use a cabal.project file to make them available to cabal new-*.