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QGIS Testing Documentation

QGIS Testing Documentation is build from corresponding branche and NOT translated.

Only the current stable branch is translated.

Stable documentation is on

Testing is

And QGIS 1.8 docs

Translations are also available via the language path: for example for the German language:

PDF versions of the manual are available here: and

Building the QGIS Documentation

Website is a static generated website using Sphinx (, based on restructured text sources (rst: and html (jinja2) templates.

Most sources are in source/site. Only frontpage and landingpages are in theme/qgis-theme

Styling is in theme/qgis-theme. This theme is used for website and documentation builds. The Website version is the canonical one.

Building is only tested on Linux systems using make.

Build Tools

To be able to run localisation targets you will need Sphinx 1.2b3 which comes with pip. Sphinx coming with most distro's is just 1.1.3. You will get an gettext error with those.

Best to run the make file in a virtual env ( ):

Move to a directory (~/myvirtualenvs/) and create a virtualenv enabled dir:

virtualenv sphinx # one time action, only to create the environment cd sphinx

And activate this virtualenv

source bin/activate # now you will see sphinx before your prompt: (sphinx)richard@mymachine

Now always activate your environment before building. To deactivate, you can do:


If your linux is package based and doesn't have current versions of the tools, it is best to install them in the virtual env too.

You can install all tools in one go via the REQUIREMENTS.txt here in the root of this repo:

pip install -r REQUIREMENTS.txt

Alternatively do it one by one:

pip install sphinx==1.2b3

pip install sphinx-intl

Then build:

make html (to build the english language)

Or a translation

First pull all translations from transifex for your language

tx pull -l nl -f --skip

Then build your language

make html LANG=nl

to build the dutch version. Currently available languages are: ca_ES da_DK de en es fa fi fr hi id it ja km_KH ko_KR nl pt_PT ro ru zh_CN zh_TW

Translating the english QGIS Documentation

Translating of the Documentation is handled via transifex:

ONLY the current stable branch is translated.

If you want to help translating: create an account and join one of the translation teams of the qgis project:

Every language has it's own maintainer, please contact them, if you want to help. You find a list of current language maintainers at the end of this document. If your language is not listed, please contact the QGIS-Community-Team Mailinglist and ask for help.

Authors and translators

The English QGIS manual (Master Document) and its translation is managed by the Community Assistant (Manual Team Lead) and supported by additional language specific teams.

English Manual (Master Document)

  • Community Assistant (Manual Team Lead): ??
    • Contributor : Otto Dassau < dassau[at] >
    • Contributor : Larissa Junek < junek[at] >

Manual and Application Translations

  • Community Assistant (Manual Team Lead): ??
    • Dutch Team Lead : Richard Duivenvoorde < richard[at] >
    • French Team Lead : Marie Silvestre < marie_silvestre[at] >
    • German Team Lead : Otto Dassau < dassau[at] >
    • Greek Team Lead : Dr. Nicolas Karanikolas (not confirmed)
    • Italian Team Lead : Paolo Cavallini < cavallini[at] >
      • Contributor : Matteo Ghetta
      • Contributor : Iacopo Zetti
      • Contributor : Pasquale Di Donato
      • Contributor : Giuseppe Patti < geognu[at] >
      • Contributor : Simona Santini
    • Japanese Team Lead: Kayam Yoichi < yoichi.kayama[at] >
    • Lao Team Lead: Anousak Souphavanh < anousak at >
    • Lithuanian Team Lead : Kestas M < m.kestas[at] >
    • Polish Team Lead : Robert Szczepanek < robert[at] >
      • Contributor : Andrzej Swiader < andrzej.swiader[at] >
    • Portuguese (pt_BR) Team Lead: Arthur Nanni < comunidade[at] >
      • Contributor : Rodrigo Sperb
      • Contributor : Sidney Goveia
    • Portuguese (pt_PT) Team Lead: Giovanni Manghi < giovanni.manghi[at] >
      • Contributor : Vânia Neves < vania.neves[at] >
      • Contributor : Alexandre Neto < senhor.neto[at] >
      • Contributor : Zara Teixeira < zarafani[at] >
    • Russian Team Lead: Alex Bruy < alexander.bruy[at] >
    • Spanish Team Lead : Mario Pisa < mario.pisa[at] >
      • Contributor : Carlos Dávila < cdavilam[at] >

QGIS Website and Website Translation

QGIS Website and Website Translation is managed by the Community Assistant (Website Team Lead) and supported by numerous contributors.

  • Community Assistant (Website and Website Translation Team Lead): Werner Macho <werner.macho[at]>
    • Contributor : Otto Dassau <dassau[at]>
  • German Translation
    • Contributor: Horst Düster <Horst.Duester at>
    • Contributor: Otto Dassau <dassau[at]>
  • Russian Translation
    • Contributor: Alexander Bruy <alexander.bruy[at]>
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