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Migration guide / convention style


See also: or convention.rst file.

In general, when creating rst documentation for the QGIS project, please follow the Python documentation style guide lines.

Inline tags

  • Shorcut keyboard:

    \keyboard{Ctrl B}

    move to:

    :kbd:`ctrl B`

    will show Ctrl B

  • Menu gui:

    \mainmenuopt{menu} \arrow \dropmenuopttwo{submenu}

    move to:

    :menuselection:`menu --> submenu`
  • Filename:


    move to:

  • Gui label with icon:


    move to:

    |icon| :guilabel:`label`

    (see image below).

  • Dialog title:


    move to:

  • User text:


    move to:



This is for creating a footnote:

blabla [1]_

Whichi will point to :

[1]Updates of core plugins


This is for create a reference somewhere:

.. _`my_anchor`:

This is call the reference in the same page:

see section `my_anchor`_ for more information

This is the same thing, but called in another page:

see section :ref:`my_anchor` for more information.

Figure and image


.. `fig_mylabel`:

.. figure:: img/en/nix.png
   :align: center
   :width:      12 em

   My caption

To use caption juste insert text after a blanck line in the figure block.



.. image:: img/en/nix.png
   :width: 12 em


You can put an image inside text or add an alias to use everywhere. To use an image inside a paragraph, just create an alias somewhere:

.. |label| image:: img/en/nix.png

and call it in your paragraph:

my paragraph begins here with a nice picture |label|.

Here is how this exemple become:

my paragraph begins here with a nice picture label.


Several index tag exists in RST. Here the easiest one:

.. index:: `my index`


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