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Scripts for Official QGIS MacOS Packages
Python Shell
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QGIS Mac Packager

Set of scripts to create MacOS standalone QGIS package (dmg)

To know when we release, see QGIS release schedule

How to report issues

  • Add link to the installed package
  • Add crash report if QGIS crashed
  • State MacOS version (e.g. 10.14.1)
  • Run open /Applications/ from Terminal and add the output
  • Append any messages from QGIS message log or python warnings log if present


  • run ./scripts/check_all.bash to fix travis-ci checks

Debugging Tips

  • gatekeeper: codesign --verbose --deep-verify /Applications/
  • loaded dylibs: ps -A | grep -i qgis; vmmap <pid>
  • signature: codesign -d -vvvv <file>
  • accept by gatekeeper: spctl -a -t exec -vv <path>.dmg
  • signature: codesign --verify --deep --strict --verbose=2

Server Setup

  • Get Mojave server

  • Get Apple Development Program for your Apple ID

  • Login to the server (have static IP)

  • Change default password to some secure one

  • Install XCode from App Store

  • Go to Apple Developer Download page -> More and command line tools. Install both

  • Sign out from the apple developer page and app store

  • Open XCode and accept license

  • install homebrew and QGIS deps by running install_brew.bash

  • Download MrSID SDK referenced in and place it in the folder $HOME/Library/Caches/Homebrew

  • Download erdas-ecw-jp2 referenced in. Open dmg, open pkg and install to default location (Desktop Read-Only Free type)

  • install homebrew packages by install_brew_packages.bash

  • get proj datumgrids by running scripts/fetch_proj-datumgrid.bash

  • Update ~/.bash_profile from scrips/bash_profile

  • now clone this repository

  • for upload, add you ssh keys to qgis/ssh/ and secure them

  • copy run_cronjob one folder above

  • to Code Signing (you need Apple certificate to be "Indentified developer")

    • You need application certificate from
    • Generate production/development signing identify
    • Get cer file and scp to the server
    • Double click on cer file and install it on the server
    • On Machine where you created request, export private key and copy and install on server too.
    • install p12 cert to login identity
    • security find-identity -v to find existing identities
    • create sing_identity.txt with the ID of your identity
    • allow to use it in cronjob (
    • create symbolic link to keychain with the imported identity
  • so your folders structure is

  qgis.keychain.db --> ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db
  • Run run_pkg.bash with nightly/ltr/pr to build releases/nightlies (detects the latest version)
  • Nightly releases should be set as launchd once per day (use tabs!)
cp scripts/ ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
plutil ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ 
launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

Server Update

  • remove all build folders
  • remove homebrew (/usr/local/*)
  • reinstall homebrew packages
  • update version & run scripts/fetch_proj-datumgrid.bash
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