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<!-- DTD for QGIS project file
* This DTD describes the maplayers and their symbology and
* is used when saving/restoring a QGIS project.
* This file is in the public domain
-- Project Properties
<!ELEMENT qgis (title, extent, projectlayers, mapunits) >
<!ELEMENT projectlayers (maplayer*) >
<!ELEMENT extent (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax) >
<!ELEMENT xmin (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT ymin (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT xmax (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT ymax (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT mapunits (#PCDATA) >
<!-- Attribute Lists -->
<!ATTLIST qgis
projectname CDATA #REQUIRED
mapunits (meters|feet|degrees) "meters"
<!ATTLIST projectlayers layercount CDATA #REQUIRED >
-- General Map Layer Properties
-- (apply to both vector and raster)
<!ELEMENT maplayer (layername, datasource, classificationattribute*, (singlesymbol|singlemarker|graduatedsymbol|continuoussymbol|graduatedmarker|rasterproperties) >
<!ELEMENT layername (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT datasource (#PCDATA) >
<!-- Attribute Lists -->
<!--Raster : flag indicating whether the layer should be represented in overview or not -->
<!ELEMENT showInOverviewFlag>
<!-- Attribute lists -->
<!ATTLIST showInOverViewFlag boolean (1|0|true|false) "false">
<!ATTLIST maplayer
type (vector|raster|database) "vector"
visible (1|0) "0"
-- Element symbol contains the settings for a qpainter
<!ELEMENT symbol (lowervalue, uppervalue, label,
outlinecolor,outlinestyle,outlinewidth,fillcolor,fillpattern) >
<!ELEMENT lowervalue (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT uppervalue (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT label (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT outlinecolor EMPTY >
<!ELEMENT outlinestyle (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT outlinewidth (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT fillcolor EMPTY >
<!ELEMENT fillpattern (#PCDATA) >
<!ATTLIST outlinecolor
<!ATTLIST fillcolor
-- elements to store the settings of the different symbology types
<!ELEMENT singlesymbol (symbol) >
<!ELEMENT singlemarker (renderitem) >
<!ELEMENT graduatedsymbol (classificationfield,symbol+) >
<!ELEMENT graduatedmarker (classificationfield,rangerenderitem+) >
<!ELEMENT uniquevalue (classificationfield,renderitem+) >
<!ELEMENT uniquevaluemarker (classificationfield,renderitem+) >
<!ELEMENT classificationfield (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT continuoussymbol (classificationfield,lowestsymbol,highestsymbol) >
<!ELEMENT lowestsymbol (symbol) >
<!ELEMENT highestsymbol (symbol) >
-- Raster Layer Properties
<!ELEMENT rasterproperties (showDebugOverlayFlag, showGrayAsColorFlag, invertHistogramFlag, stdDevsToPlotDouble, transparencyLevelInt, redBandNameQString, greenBandNameQString, blueBandNameQString, grayBandNameQString) >
<!--Raster flag to indicate whether debug infor overlay should be rendered onto the raster -->
<!ELEMENT showDebugOverlayFlag>
<!--Raster : the rendering style to be used for this layer -->
<!ELEMENT drawingStyle (#CDATA)>
<!--Raster : flag indicating whether the histogram should be inverted or not -->
<!ELEMENT invertHistogramFlag>
<!--Raster : Number of stddev to plot (0) to ignore -->
<!ELEMENT stdDevsToPlotDouble>
<!--Raster transparency for this layer should be 0-255 -->
<!ELEMENT transparencyLevelInt>
<!--Raster : the band to be associated with the color red - usually red -->
<!ELEMENT redBandNameQString (#CDATA)>
<!--Raster : the band to be associated with the color green - usually green -->
<!ELEMENT greenBandNameQString (#CDATA)>
<!--Raster : the band to be associated with the color blue - usually blue -->
<!ELEMENT blueBandNameQString (#CDATA)>
<!--Raster : the band to be associated with the grayscale only ouput - usually gray -->
<!ELEMENT grayBandNameQString (#CDATA)>
<!-- Attribute Lists -->
<!ATTLIST showDebugOverlayFlag boolean (1|0|true|false) "false">
<!ATTLIST invertHistogramFlag boolean (1|0|true|false) "false">
<!ATTLIST stdDevsToPlotDouble value CDATA "0">
<!ATTLIST transparencyLevelInt value CDATA "0">
-- Legend
<!ELEMENT legend (legendgroup* | legendlayer*) >
<!ATTLIST legend open (1|0|true|false) "false"> #open or closed
<!ELEMENT legendgroup (legendlayer*) >
<!ATTLIST legendgroup open (1|0|true|false) "false" name CDATA checked (Qt::Checked|Qt::Unchecked|Qt::PartiallyChecked) "Qt::Checked">
<!ELEMENT legendlayer (legendsymbologyitem+, legendlayerfilegroup>
<!ATTLIST legendlayer open (1|0|true|false) "false" checked (Qt::Checked|Qt::Unchecked|Qt::PartiallyChecked) "Qt::Checked">
<!ELEMENT legendlayerfilegroup (legendlayerfile*) >
<!ATTLIST legendlayerfilegroup open (1|0|true|false) "false" > #open or closed
<!ATTLIST legendlayerfilegroup hidden(1|0|true|false) "false"> #hidden or shown
<!ELEMENT legendlayerfile>
<!ATTLIST legendlayerfile id CDATA> #unique layer id of the associated layer
<!ATTLIST legendlayerfile open (1|0|true|false) "false"> #open or closed
<!ELEMENT legendsymbologyitem>
<!ATTLIST legendsymbologyitem open (1|0|true|false) "false"> #open or closed