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elpaso committed Sep 30, 2016
1 parent 9eac69e commit 02dfb4f
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Showing 2 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion tests/src/python/
Expand Up @@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
import osgeo.gdal

# Strip path and content length because path may vary
RE_STRIP_PATH = r'MAP=[^&]+|Content-Length: \d+'
RE_STRIP_PATH = r'MAP=[^&]+|Content-Length: \d+|<Attribute typeName="[^>]+'

class TestQgsServer(unittest.TestCase):
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2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion tests/testdata/qgis_server/getprojectsettings.txt
Expand Up @@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
<TreeName>testlayer èé</TreeName>
<Attribute typeName="Integer" precision="0" length="10" editType="TextEdit" type="int" comment="" name="id"/>
<Attribute typeName="Integer64" precision="0" length="10" editType="TextEdit" type="qlonglong" comment="" name="id"/>
<Attribute typeName="String" precision="0" length="10" editType="TextEdit" type="QString" comment="" name="name"/>
<Attribute typeName="String" precision="0" length="13" editType="TextEdit" type="QString" comment="" name="utf8nameè"/>
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