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signedav committed Dec 18, 2018
1 parent 35c0d24 commit 03222c829a053e026a1e8ac57520d54590a5a3db
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@@ -1261,7 +1261,7 @@ def testJson(self):
#test changing list value in attribute
f['json_content'] = ['eins', 'zwei', 'drei', 4]
self.assertEqual(f['json_content'], ['eins', 'zwei', 'drei', 4])
#test chaning to complex json structure
#test changing to complex json structure
f['json_content'] = {'name': 'Lily', 'age': '0', 'cars': {'car1': ['fiat tipo', 'fiat punto', 'davoser schlitten'], 'car2': 'bobbycar', 'car3': 'tesla'}}
self.assertEqual(f['json_content'], {'name': 'Lily', 'age': '0', 'cars': {'car1': ['fiat tipo', 'fiat punto', 'davoser schlitten'], 'car2': 'bobbycar', 'car3': 'tesla'}})

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