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Add some explanatory comments on the logic happening while ranking

polygon label candidates, and add some TODO notes on bugs identified here
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nyalldawson committed Dec 24, 2019
1 parent da2419c commit 032e8fd1a8851a08fb79891f3e104d29652018c8
Showing with 13 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +13 −4 src/core/pal/costcalculator.cpp
@@ -159,17 +159,26 @@ void CostCalculator::setPolygonCandidatesCost( std::size_t nblp, std::vector< st

void CostCalculator::setCandidateCostFromPolygon( LabelPosition *lp, PalRtree<FeaturePart> *obstacles, double bbx[4], double bby[4] )
PolygonCostCalculator pCost( lp );
// NOTE: PolygonCostCalculator calculates the min distance between the CENTER of the
// candidate and various polygon boundaries

// center
//cost = feat->getDistInside((this->x[0] + this->x[2])/2.0, (this->y[0] + this->y[2])/2.0 );
// TODO 1: Consider whether distance calculation should use min distance to the candidate rectangle
// instead of just the center
PolygonCostCalculator pCost( lp );

// first, check max distance to outside of polygon
// TODO 2: there's a bug here -- if a candidate's center falls outside the polygon, then a larger
// distance to the polygon boundary is being considered as the best placement. That's clearly wrong --
// if any part of label candidate sits outside the polygon, we should first prefer candidates which sit
// entirely WITHIN the polygon, or failing that, candidates which are CLOSER to the polygon boundary, not further from it!
pCost.update( lp->feature );

// costs candidates closer to outside of map higher than those closer to inside
// prefer candidates further from the outside of map rather then those close to the outside of the map
// TODO 3: should be using the actual map boundary here, not the bounding box
PointSet extent( 4, bbx, bby );
pCost.update( &extent );

// prefer candidates which further from interior rings (holes) of the polygon
obstacles->intersects( lp->feature->boundingBox(), [&pCost]( const FeaturePart * obstacle )->bool
LabelPosition *lp = pCost.getLabel();

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