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Refactoring and added better comments
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marioba committed Aug 8, 2017
1 parent 525aeab commit 0533cfd708f1f47b477a297dbe8fb51b0d07140b
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@@ -55,7 +55,15 @@

class RasterizeAlgorithm(QgisAlgorithm):
"""Processing algorithm renders map canvas to a raster file.
It's possible to choose the following parameters:
- Map theme to render
- Layer to render
- The minimum extent to render
- The tile size
- Map unit per pixel
- The output (can be saved to a file or to a temporary file and
automatically opened as layer in qgis)

# Constants used to refer to parameters and outputs. They will be
@@ -150,7 +158,7 @@ def processAlgorithm(self, parameters, context, feedback):

class TileSet():
A set of tiles /home/mario/Dropbox/workspace/marioba/QGIS/python/plugins/processing/tests/testdata/
A set of tiles

def __init__(self, map_theme, layer, extent, tile_size, mupp, output,
@@ -171,7 +179,6 @@ def __init__(self, map_theme, layer, extent, tile_size, mupp, output,
self.mupp = mupp
self.tile_size = tile_size

# TODO: Check if file exists and update instead?
driver = self.getDriverForFile(output)

if not driver:

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