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Added some more great tips from Andreas Neumann
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timlinux committed Feb 22, 2011
1 parent 99ecdba commit 0609ac629cbc419e59d538b1fdcdc7269f059a36
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  1. +33 −0 src/app/qgstipfactory.cpp
@@ -87,6 +87,39 @@ QgsTipFactory::QgsTipFactory() : QObject()
) );
addGenericTip( myTip );
// This tip contributed by Andreas Neumann
myTip.setTitle(tr("Add the current date to a map layout"));
myTip.setContent(tr("Content: You can add a current date variable to your map "
" layout. Create a regular text label and add the string "
" $CURRENT_DATE(yyyy-MM-dd) to the text box. See the "
" <a href=\"\">"
" QDate::toString format documentation</a> for the possible date formats."
myTip.setTitle(tr("Moving Elements and Maps in the Print Composer"));
myTip.setContent(tr("In the print composer tool bar you can find two "
" buttons for moving elements. The left one (a selection cursor "
" with the hand symbol) selects and moves elements in the layout. "
" After selecting the element with this tool you can also move "
" them around with the arrow keys. For accurate positioning use "
" the <strong>Position and Size</strong> dialogue, which can be "
" found in the tab <strong>Item --> General Options --> Position "
" and Size</strong>. For easier positioning you can also set "
" specific anchor points of the element within this dialogue. "
myTip.setTitle(tr("Rotating a map and linking a north arrow"));
myTip.setContent(tr("You can rotate a map by setting its rotation value "
" in the <strong>Item tab --> Map</strong> section. To place a north "
" arrow in your layout you can use the <strong>Add Image</strong> "
" tool, the button with the little camera icon. QGIS comes with a "
" selection of north arrows. After the placement of the north arrow "
" in the layout you can link it with a specific map frame by activating "
" the <strong>Sync with map</strong> checkbox and selecting a map frame. "
" Whenever you change the rotation value of a linked map, the north arrow "
" will now automatically adjust its rotation. "
/* Template for adding more tips

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