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INSTALL: better note about short names.
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jef-n committed Jan 21, 2013
1 parent 65ae7d8 commit 0757e4208ca3a09f198e9f5e240ca6bea9182526
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@@ -112,8 +112,9 @@ box, browse to the top level QGIS directory.
In the //Where to build the binaries:// box, browse to the 'build' directory you

Adjust the path to bison and flex so that the shortened ``C:/Progra~1`` is used
rather than ``C:/Program Files``.
If the path to bison and flex contains blanks, you need to use the short name
for the directory (i.e. ``C:\Program Files`` should be rewritten to
``C:\Progra~n``, where ``n`` is the number as shown in `dir /x C:\``).

Verify that the 'BINDINGS_GLOBAL_INSTALL' option is not checked, so that python
bindings are placed into the output directory when you run the INSTALL target.

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