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dxf2shp cleanup (fixes #1236)
git-svn-id: c8812cc2-4d05-0410-92ff-de0c093fc19c
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jef committed Aug 23, 2008
1 parent 74baa73 commit 07c905b78f9e244355eca36b700a2f6a20e14c30

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@@ -24,13 +24,16 @@
#include "shapelib-1.2.10/shapefil.h"
#include "getInsertions.h"
#include <vector>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

class Builder: public DL_CreationAdapter
Builder(std::string theFname,
int theShapefileType,
double *theGrpXVals, double *theGrpYVals,
std::string *theGrpNames,
int theInsertCount,
bool theConvertText);

void FinalizeAnyPolyline();
@@ -47,49 +50,35 @@ class Builder: public DL_CreationAdapter
virtual void endSequence();
virtual void addText(const DL_TextData &data);

void set_numlayers(int n);
void set_numpoints(int n);
void set_numlines(int n);
void set_numplines(int n);
void set_shptype(int n);

void set_convertText(bool);
void initBuilder(string, int, double*, double*, string*, int, bool);
void print_shpObjects();

int ret_numlabels();
int ret_numlayers();
int ret_numpoints();
int ret_numlines();
int ret_numplines();
int ret_shptype();
int ret_textObjectsSize();
string ret_outputshp();
string ret_outputtshp();
bool convertText;

int textObjectsSize();
std::string outputShp();
std::string outputTShp();

string outputdbf;
string outputshp;
string outputtdbf;
string outputtshp;
string logfname;
ofstream logfile;
std::string fname;
int shapefileType; // SHPT_POINT, ...
double *grpXVals;
double *grpYVals;
std::string *grpNames;
int insertCount;
bool convertText;

std::string outputdbf;
std::string outputshp;
std::string outputtdbf;
std::string outputtshp;

vector < DL_VertexData > polyVertex;
vector <SHPObject *> shpObjects; // metto qui tutti gli oggetti letti
vector <DL_TextData> textObjects;
std::vector <DL_VertexData> polyVertex;
std::vector <SHPObject *> shpObjects; // all read objects are stored here
std::vector <DL_TextData> textObjects;

int numlayers;
int numpoints;
int numlines;
int numplines;

int shptype; // 0 ,1 ,2
int shapefileType; // SHPT_POINT, ...
int fetchedprims;
int fetchedtexts;

@@ -102,11 +91,6 @@ class Builder: public DL_CreationAdapter

SHPObject *currently_Adding_PolyLine;

double *grpXVals;
double *grpYVals;
string *grpNames;
string fname;
int insertCount;

double closePolyX, closePolyY, closePolyZ;
double currentBlockX, currentBlockY;
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
#include <QAction>
#include <QToolBar>

static const char *const sIdent =
static const char *const sIdent =
"$Id: plugin.cpp 6935 2007-05-07 14:29:51Z wonder $";
static const QString sName = QObject::tr("Dxf2Shp Converter");
static const QString sDescription = QObject::tr(
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ static const QgisPlugin::PLUGINTYPE sPluginType = QgisPlugin::UI;

* Constructor for the plugin. The plugin is passed a pointer
* Constructor for the plugin. The plugin is passed a pointer
* an interface object that provides access to exposed functions in QGIS.
* @param theQGisInterface - Pointer to the QGIS interface object
@@ -60,24 +60,23 @@ dxf2shpConverter::~dxf2shpConverter(){

* Initialize the GUI interface for the plugin - this is only called once when the plugin is
* Initialize the GUI interface for the plugin - this is only called once when the plugin is
* added to the plugin registry in the QGIS application.
void dxf2shpConverter::initGui()

// Create the action for tool
mQActionPointer = new QAction(QIcon(":/dxf2shpconverter/dxf2shp_converter.png")
, "Dxf2Shp Converter", this);
mQActionPointer = new QAction(QIcon(":/dxf2shpconverter/dxf2shp_converter.png"), "Dxf2Shp Converter", this);

// Set the what's this text
"Converts DXF files in Shapefile format"));
mQActionPointer->setWhatsThis(tr("Converts DXF files in Shapefile format"));

// Connect the action to the run
connect(mQActionPointer, SIGNAL(activated()), this, SLOT(run()));

// Add the icon to the toolbar
mQGisIface->addPluginMenu("&Dxf2Shp", mQActionPointer);

mQGisIface->addPluginMenu(tr("&Dxf2Shp"), mQActionPointer);

//method defined in interface
@@ -87,16 +86,17 @@ void dxf2shpConverter::help()

// Slot called when the menu item is activated
// If you created more menu items / toolbar buttons in initiGui, you should
// If you created more menu items / toolbar buttons in initiGui, you should
// create a separate handler for each action - this single run() method will
// not be enough
void dxf2shpConverter::run()
dxf2shpConverterGui *myPluginGui =
new dxf2shpConverterGui(mQGisIface->getMainWindow(), QgisGui::ModalDialogFlags);


connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(createLayer(QString)), this, SLOT(addMyLayer(QString)));
connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(createLayer(QString,QString)), this, SLOT(addMyLayer(QString,QString)));

@@ -105,14 +105,14 @@ void dxf2shpConverter::run()
void dxf2shpConverter::unload()
// remove the GUI
mQGisIface->removePluginMenu("&Dxf2Shp", mQActionPointer);
mQGisIface->removePluginMenu(tr("&Dxf2Shp"), mQActionPointer);
delete mQActionPointer;

void dxf2shpConverter::addMyLayer(QString myfname)
void dxf2shpConverter::addMyLayer(QString myfname,QString mytitle)
mQGisIface->addVectorLayer(myfname, "Converted_Layer", "ogr");
mQGisIface->addVectorLayer(myfname, mytitle, "ogr");

@@ -126,8 +126,8 @@ void dxf2shpConverter::addMyLayer(QString myfname)

* Required extern functions needed for every plugin
* Required extern functions needed for every plugin
* These functions can be called prior to creating an instance
* of the plugin class
@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ class QgisInterface;
class dxf2shpConverter: public QObject, public QgisPlugin

@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ class dxf2shpConverter: public QObject, public QgisPlugin
//! show the help document
void help();

void addMyLayer(QString);
void addMyLayer(QString,QString);


@@ -26,89 +26,81 @@
#include <QFile>
#include <QDir>

#include "qgslogger.h"

dxf2shpConverterGui::dxf2shpConverterGui(QWidget *parent, Qt::WFlags fl):
QDialog(parent, fl)


void dxf2shpConverterGui::on_buttonBox_accepted()

QString inf = nomein->text();
QString inf = name->text();
QString outd = dirout->text();

if (inf.size() > 1)
int type = SHPT_POINT;
bool convtexts = convertTextCheck->checkState();

int type = 1;
bool convtexts;

convtexts = true;
convtexts = false;
if (polyline->isChecked())
type = SHPT_ARC;

if (zero->isChecked())
type = 0;
if (polygon->isChecked())

if (uno->isChecked())
type = 2;
if (point->isChecked())
type = SHPT_POINT;

if (due->isChecked())
type = 1;
InsertRetrClass *insertRetr = new InsertRetrClass();

InsertRetrClass * insertRetr = new InsertRetrClass();

DL_Dxf * dxf_inserts = new DL_Dxf();

if (!dxf_inserts->in((string)(inf.toLatin1()), insertRetr)) { // if file open failed

cout << "Aborting: The input file could not be opened.\n";
DL_Dxf *dxf_inserts = new DL_Dxf();

if ( !dxf_inserts->in(inf.toStdString(), insertRetr) )
// if file open failed
QgsDebugMsg( "Aborting: The input file could not be opened." );
return ;


Builder * parserClass = new Builder();
parserClass->initBuilder((string)(outd.toLatin1()), type, insertRetr->XVals, insertRetr->YVals, insertRetr->Names,
insertRetr->countInserts, convtexts);
Builder *parser= new Builder(
insertRetr->XVals, insertRetr->YVals,

cout << "Finished getting insertions. Count: " << insertRetr->countInserts <<"\n";
QgsDebugMsg( QString("Finished getting insertions. Count: %1").arg( insertRetr->countInserts ) );

DL_Dxf * dxf_Main = new DL_Dxf();

if (!dxf_Main->in((string)(inf.toLatin1()), parserClass)) { // if file open failed

cout << "Aborting: The input file could not be opened.\n";

return ;
DL_Dxf *dxf_Main = new DL_Dxf();

if ( !dxf_Main->in( inf.toStdString(), parser) )
// if file open failed
QgsDebugMsg( "Aborting: The input file could not be opened." );

delete insertRetr;
delete dxf_inserts;
delete dxf_Main;
bool textsPresent;
if(parserClass->ret_textObjectsSize() > 0)
textsPresent = true;
textsPresent = false;


QString mystring = QString((parserClass->ret_outputshp()).c_str());
emit createLayer( QString((parser->outputShp()).c_str()), QString("Data layer") );


if((convertTextCheck->checkState()) && (textsPresent)) {
mystring = QString((parserClass->ret_outputtshp()).c_str());
if( convtexts && parser->textObjectsSize()>0 )
emit createLayer( QString((parser->outputTShp()).c_str()), QString("Text layer") );

delete parserClass;
delete parser;
@@ -125,8 +117,8 @@ void dxf2shpConverterGui::on_buttonBox_rejected()

void dxf2shpConverterGui::on_buttonBox_helpRequested()
QString s = "Fields description:\n"
"* Input DXF file: path to the DXF file to be converted\n"
QString s = tr("Fields description:\n"
"* Input DXF file: path to the DXF file to be converted\n"
"* Output Shp file: desired filename of the ShapeFile to be created\n"
"* Shp output file type: specifies the type of the output shapefile\n"
"* Export text labels checkbox: if checked, an additional shp points layer will be created, "
@@ -135,7 +127,7 @@ void dxf2shpConverterGui::on_buttonBox_helpRequested()
"Developed by Paolo L. Scala, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Marco Padula\n"
"CNR, Milan Unit (Information Technology), Construction Technologies Institute.\n"
"For support send a mail to\n";
"For support send a mail to\n");

QMessageBox::information(this, "Help", s);
@@ -156,20 +148,20 @@ void dxf2shpConverterGui::getInputFileName()
QSettings settings;

QString s = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this, tr(
"Choose a delimited text file to open"), settings.value(
"/Plugin-DelimitedText/text_path", "./").toString(), "Files DXF (*.dxf)");
QString s = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this,
tr("Choose a DXF file to open"),
settings.value("/Plugin-DXF/text_path", "./").toString(),
"Files DXF (*.dxf)");


void dxf2shpConverterGui::getOutputDir()
QSettings settings;

QString s = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this,
"Choose a filename to save under", "output.shp", "Shapefile (*.shp)");

QString s = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this,
tr("Choose a filename to save to"),
"Shapefile (*.shp)");


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