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Cleanup QgsMapLayer for 3.0
- implement QGIS 3.0 TODOs
- mark methods as const correct
- rename 'the...' parameters to remove 'the'
- mark QgsVectorLayer::getFeatures as const
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nyalldawson committed Jul 14, 2016
1 parent fe4fa41 commit 0935b58fefcce6dd7a55664aaee8410d4ece622d
@@ -56,6 +56,15 @@ only affects third party c++ providers, and does not affect PyQGIS scripts.</li>
<li>toggleScaleBasedVisibility() was replaced by setScaleBasedVisibility()</li>
<li>lastErrorTitle(), lastError(), cacheImage(), onCacheImageDelete(), clearCacheImage() and the signals drawingProgress(),
screenUpdateRequested() were removed. These members have had no effect for a number of QGIS 2.x releases.</li>
<li>extent(), styleURI(), exportNamedStyle(), exportSldStyle(), writeXml() were made const. This has no effect on PyQGIS code, but c++ code implementing derived layer classes will need to update the signatures of these methods to match.</li>
<li>The lyrname parameter in the QgsMapLayer constructor was renamed to 'name'.</li>
<li>The vis parameter in setSubLayerVisibility was renamed to 'visible'.</li>
<li>theResultFlag parameter in loadDefaultStyle and saveDefaultStyle were renamed to resultFlag.</li>
<li>theURI, theResultFlag parameters in loadNamedStyle, saveNamedStyle, saveSldStyle and loadSldStyle were renamed to uri, resultFlag.</li>
<li>theURI parameter in loadNamedStyleFromDb was renamed to uri.</li>
<li>theMinScale and theMaxScale parameters in setMinimumScale and setMaximumScale were renamed to scale</li>
<li>The layerCrsChanged() signal was renamed to crsChanged()</li>
<li>theError parameter in appendError() and setError() were renamed to 'error'.</li>

\subsection qgis_api_break_3_0_QgsJSONExporter QgsJSONExporter

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