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fix in name of translator

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mach0 committed Nov 13, 2013
1 parent 73861d6 commit 0f8333d60770443b068aeabc968206d9a4c32f51
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@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
fi => 'Kari Salovaara, Marko Järvenpää',
fr => 'Eve Rousseau, Marc Monnerat, Lionel Roubeyrie, Jean Roc Morreale, Benjamin Bohard, Jeremy Garniaux, Yves Jacolin, Benjamin Lerre, Stéphane Morel, Marie Silvestre, Tahir Tamba, Xavier M, Mayeul Kauffmann, Mehdi Semchaoui, Robin Cura, Etienne Tourigny, Mathieu Bossaert',
gl => 'Xan Vieiro',
hi => 'Harish K. Solanki',
hi => 'Harish Kumar Solanki',
hu => 'Zoltan Siki',
hr_HR => 'Zoran Jankovic',
is => 'Thordur Ivarsson',

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