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[layertree] Doxygen docs for QgsLayerTreeView
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wonder-sk committed May 27, 2014
1 parent 9cd70c5 commit 101d3c4c3b49d387c83cbe747cc24df38ae73aaa
Showing with 52 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −0 src/gui/layertree/qgslayertreeview.cpp
  2. +46 −6 src/gui/layertree/qgslayertreeview.h
@@ -87,6 +87,12 @@ QgsMapLayer* QgsLayerTreeView::currentLayer() const

void QgsLayerTreeView::setCurrentLayer( QgsMapLayer* layer )
if ( !layer )
setCurrentIndex( QModelIndex() );

QgsLayerTreeLayer* nodeLayer = layerTreeModel()->rootGroup()->findLayer( layer->id() );
if ( !nodeLayer )
@@ -26,47 +26,76 @@ class QgsLayerTreeViewDefaultActions;
class QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider;
class QgsMapLayer;

* The QgsLayerTreeView class extends QTreeView and provides some additional functionality
* when working with a layer tree.
* The view updates expanded state of layer tree nodes and also listens to changes
* to expanded states in the layer tree.
* The view keeps track of the current layer and emits a signal when the current layer has changed.
* Allows the client to specify a context menu provider with custom actions. Also it comes
* with a set of default actions that can be used when building context menu.
* @see QgsLayerTreeModel
* @note added in 2.4
class GUI_EXPORT QgsLayerTreeView : public QTreeView
explicit QgsLayerTreeView( QWidget *parent = 0 );

//! Overridden setModel() from base class. Only QgsLayerTreeModel is an acceptable model.
virtual void setModel( QAbstractItemModel* model );

//! Get access to the model casted to QgsLayerTreeModel
QgsLayerTreeModel* layerTreeModel() const;

//! Get access to the default actions that may be used with the tree view
QgsLayerTreeViewDefaultActions* defaultActions();

void setMenuProvider( QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider* menuProvider ); // takes ownership
//! Set provider for context menu. Takes ownership of the instance
void setMenuProvider( QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider* menuProvider );
//! Return pointer to the context menu provider. May be null
QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider* menuProvider() const { return mMenuProvider; }

//! Get currently selected layer. May be null
QgsMapLayer* currentLayer() const;
//! Set currently selected layer. Null pointer will deselect any layer.
void setCurrentLayer( QgsMapLayer* layer );

//! Get current node. May be null
QgsLayerTreeNode* currentNode() const;
//! Get current group node. If a layer is current node, the function will return parent group. May be null.
QgsLayerTreeGroup* currentGroupNode() const;

//! Return list of selected nodes
//! @arg skipInternal If true, will ignore nodes which have an ancestor in the selection
QList<QgsLayerTreeNode*> selectedNodes( bool skipInternal = false ) const;
//! Return list of selected nodes filtered to just layer nodes
QList<QgsLayerTreeLayer*> selectedLayerNodes() const;

//! Get list of selected layers
QList<QgsMapLayer*> selectedLayers() const;

public slots:
//! Force refresh of layer symbology. Normally not needed as the changes of layer's renderer are monitored by the model
void refreshLayerSymbology( const QString& layerId );

//! Emitted when a current layer is changed
void currentLayerChanged( QgsMapLayer* layer );

void contextMenuEvent( QContextMenuEvent* event );

void updateExpandedStateFromNode( QgsLayerTreeNode* node );

QgsMapLayer* layerForIndex( const QModelIndex& index ) const;

void currentLayerChanged( QgsMapLayer* layer );

protected slots:

void modelRowsInserted( QModelIndex index, int start, int end );
@@ -77,17 +106,28 @@ class GUI_EXPORT QgsLayerTreeView : public QTreeView
void onCurrentChanged();

//! helper class with default actions. Lazily initialized.
QgsLayerTreeViewDefaultActions* mDefaultActions;
//! Context menu provider. Owned by the view.
QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider* mMenuProvider;
//! Keeps track of current index (to check when to emit signal about change of current layer)
QPersistentModelIndex mCurrentIndex;

/** interface to allow custom menus */

* Implementation of this interface can be implemented to allow QgsLayerTreeView
* instance to provide custom context menus (opened upon right-click).
* @see QgsLayerTreeView
* @note added in 2.4
class GUI_EXPORT QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider
virtual ~QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider() {}

//! Return a newly created menu instance (or null pointer on error)
virtual QMenu* createContextMenu() = 0;

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