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removed old qmake instructions and other tidy ups
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timlinux committed Mar 11, 2007
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Expand Up @@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ download and install of mingw) from here:

Edit C:\Qt\4.2.0\bin\qtvars.bat and add the following line (the second is only
Edit C:\Qt\4.2.2\bin\qtvars.bat and add the following line (the second is only
needed if you like vim in your shell):

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\msys\local\bin;c:\msys\local\lib
Expand All @@ -47,96 +47,8 @@ Check out to c:\dev\cpp\qgis:
cd c:\dev\cpp
svn co

Currently you need to put it into that location in case you plan to create
the NSIS installer because so far it contains hardcoded paths for this location.


Source changes:

Next you need to shift some files around. For convenience we've made an archive
that handles all the changes for you. Download it and unpack to qgis source directory:

List of what has been changed / added by this archive to enable compilation:

- moved qgscsexception.h, qgsspatialrefsys* and qgscoordinatetransform* into core dir from gui
- moved qgspluginregistry.* from core to gui
- qgsspatialrefsys.cpp - commented out SRS validation using projection selector
- qgsspatialrefsys.cpp - commented out lines using qgsproject as it depends on gui stuff
- qgsdistancearea.cpp - commented out lines using qgsproject as it depends on
gui stuff and moved to core
- lexer and parser generated by genlexyacc.bat
- added custom qgsconfig.h and qgssvnversion.h


Now open the qt command shell (or start "cmd" and run c:\Qt\4.2.0\bin\qtvars.bat)

cd c:\dev\cpp\qgis

This will compile both debug and release version. To make just a one of them
use "make debug" or "make release" respectively.

Note: debug version uses debug version of Qt library thus if linking fails
on not founding library QtSvgd4 (or similar), you need to compile them
as described in section for Qt.

Running: (optional)

After successfull make you can run QGIS directly from the directory
where it has been built: qgis-debug and/or qgis-release in qgis root dir.
You only need to add data files - we have provided an archive for convenience
which you can just unpack there and run QGIS:

Then just run qgis.exe

GDB: (optional)

If you plan to do some debugging, download and install gdb-6.3.2.exe from

and install to c:\msys\mingw

Create the installation package: (optional)

Downlad and install NSIS from (

Download both the QGIS debug and release installer packages from

and install them. Now copy the installation dirs from C:\Program Files\QGIS* into
c:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-debug and c:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release respectively. After
making these copies uninstall the release and debug versions of QGIS from
your c:\Program Files directories using the provided uninstaller. Double check
that both dirs are complete gone under program files afterwards.

Now using windows explorer, enter the c:\dev\cpp\qgis\win_build directory and right
click on qgis.nsi and choose the option 'Compile NSIS Script'. Do the same
for qgis-debug.nsi. Congratulations you should have two installable qgis
setup files in the win_build directory now..



Expand Down Expand Up @@ -186,3 +98,8 @@ As a background read

*) (Make sure to copy all .dll:s needed to the same directory as the
qgis.exe binary is installed to, if not already done so.

Create the installation package: (optional)
See readme in win_build dir

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