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clarify and expand Mac bundling info
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kyngchaos committed Apr 1, 2013
1 parent 3bac3d7 commit 16b1e9365d5e5794f400c38feaa4339f52400e69
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@@ -7,8 +7,13 @@ option QGIS_MACAPP_BUNDLE, and one that always occurs:

0 = (default) fixup the library paths for all QGIS libraries if @loader_path
is available in the system (OS X 10.5+)
1 = bundle Qt, PyQt and PyQwt
1 = bundle Qt, PyQt, PyQwt and OSG/osgEarth
2 = additionally, bundle libraries, but not frameworks

A third level that is not finished will additionally bundle frameworks.
This would create the "standalone" QGIS.

There is also a configure option to set a user bundle script,
QGIS_MACAPP_BUNDLE_USER. This specifies the path to a cmake bundle script
similar to the built-in bundle scripts for the defined levels. This script is
always run independent of and after the QGIS_MACAPP_BUNDLE level specified.

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