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Python bindings for printing
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mhugent committed Jul 18, 2012
1 parent 717a1c3 commit 171ae62
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10 changes: 10 additions & 0 deletions python/core/qgscomposition.sip
Expand Up @@ -178,6 +178,16 @@ class QgsComposition: QGraphicsScene
/**Convenience function to create a QgsAddRemoveItemCommand, connect its signals and push it to the undo stack*/
void pushAddRemoveCommand( QgsComposerItem* item, const QString& text, QgsAddRemoveItemCommand::State state );


void exportAsPDF( const QString& file );

void print( QPrinter &printer );

//! print composer page to image
//! If the image does not fit into memory, a null image is returned
QImage printPageAsRaster( int page );

/**Render a page to a paint device
@note added in version 1.9*/
void renderPage( QPainter* p, int page );
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