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[layertree] Doxygen doc for QgsLayerTreeMapCanvasBridge
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wonder-sk committed May 28, 2014
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16 changes: 16 additions & 0 deletions src/gui/layertree/qgslayertreemapcanvasbridge.h
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Expand Up @@ -26,10 +26,26 @@ class QgsMapCanvasLayer;
class QgsLayerTreeGroup;
class QgsLayerTreeNode;

* The QgsLayerTreeMapCanvasBridge class takes care of updates of layer set
* for QgsMapCanvas from a layer tree. The class listens to the updates in the layer tree
* and updates the list of layers for rendering whenever some layers are added, removed,
* or their visibility changes.
* The update of layers is not done immediately - it is postponed, so a series of updates
* to the layer tree will trigger just one update of canvas layers.
* Also allows the client to override the default order of layers. This is useful
* in advanced cases where the grouping in layer tree should be independent from the actual
* order in the canvas.
* @added in 2.4
class GUI_EXPORT QgsLayerTreeMapCanvasBridge : public QObject
//! Constructor: does not take ownership of the layer tree nor canvas
QgsLayerTreeMapCanvasBridge( QgsLayerTreeGroup* root, QgsMapCanvas* canvas, QObject* parent = 0 );

void clear();
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