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missed a bit for bundling qsqlite

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kyngchaos committed Nov 6, 2011
1 parent 38bc579 commit 19473f42c6b373b9d5bf9d025b1c0e1f943e0892
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@@ -232,6 +232,7 @@ FOREACH (QFW ${QTLISTQG})
FOREACH (QC cn;jp;kr;tw)
INSTALLNAMETOOL_CHANGE (${QFW_CHG} ${QFW_CHG_TO} "${QAPPDIRC}/PlugIns/codecs/libq${QC}codecs.dylib")
INSTALLNAMETOOL_CHANGE (${QFW_CHG} ${QFW_CHG_TO} "${QAPPDIRC}/PlugIns/sqldrivers/libqsqlite.dylib")
# qt fw
SET (QFW_CHG_TO "${ATLOADER}/../../../${QFW}.framework/${QFW}")

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