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== Starting the compile ==

/!\ ***Note:*** The next section describes howto build debian packages

I compile my development version of QGIS into my ~/apps directory to avoid
conflicts with Ubuntu packages that may be under /usr. This way for example
you can use the binary packages of QGIS on your system along side with your
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It may take a little while to build depending on your platform.

== Building Debian packages ==

Instead of creating a personal installation as in the previous step you can
also create debian package. This is done from the qgis root directory, where
you'll find a debian directory.

First you need to install the debian packaging tools once:

apt-get install build-essential

The QGIS packages will be created with:

dpkg-buildpackage -us -us -b

/!\ ***Note:*** If ``dpkg-buildpackage`` complains about unmet build dependencies
you can install them using ``apt-get`` and re-run the command.

/!\ ***Note:*** If you have ``libqgis1-dev`` installed, you need to remove it first
using ``dpkg -r libqgis1-dev``. Otherwise ``dpkg-buildpackage`` will complain about at
build conflict.

The the packages are created in the parent directory (ie. one level up).
Install them using dpkg. E.g.:

sudo dpkg -i \
../qgis_1.0preview16_amd64.deb \
../libqgis-gui1_1.0preview16_amd64.deb \
../libqgis-core1_1.0preview16_amd64.deb \
../qgis-plugin-grass_1.0preview16_amd64.deb \

== Running QGIS ==

Now you can try to run QGIS:
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- MSVC install additions Tim Sutton 2007
- PostgreSQL, Qt compile, SIP, Python, AutoExp additions Juergen Fischer 2007

- Windows MSVC Section (Simplified install)
- Tim Sutton 2007
- Juergen Fischer 2007

- OSX Section
- Tim Sutton, 2007
- Tim Sutton 2007
- With special thanks to Tom Elwertowski and William Kyngesburye

- GNU/Linux Section
- Tim Sutton 2006
- Debian package section: Juergen Fischer 2008

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