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/* ChangeLog,v 1.214 2004/11/12 00:42:21 gsherman Exp */
Version 1.2.0 'Daphnis'
** Please note that this is a release in our 'cutting edge' release series. As
** such it contains new features and extends the programmatic interface over
** QGIS 1.0.x. If stability and long term support is more important to you
** then cool new and untested features, we recommend that you use a copy
** of QGIS from our stable 1.0.x release series.
** This release includes over 140 bug fixes and enchancements
** over the QGIS 1.1.0 release. In addition we have added
** the following new features:
** Editing:
** Editing functionality in QGIS has had a major update in this release. This
** includes the addition of new vector editing tools:
** - delete part of multipart feature
** - delete hole from polygon
** - simplify feature
** - Added a new "node" tool (in advanced digitizing toolbar).
** - New functionality for merging features
** - Added undo/redo functionality for vector layer editing.
** - Added option to show only markers of selected features in editing mode.
** - Change layer's icon in legend to reflext that the layer is editable.
** In addition, there are undo/redo actions in Edit menu, in Advanced digitizing toolbar
** and there is a new dock widget displaying undo stack of active layer.
** About the node tool: It resembles a tool for editing paths by nodes that is
** present in every vector editor. How does it work (in QGIS)? Click on a
** feature, its nodes will be marked by small rectangles. Clicking and dragging a
** node moves it. Double clicking a segment will add a new node. Pressing delete
** key will remove active node. It's possible to select more active nodes at
** once: by clicking and dragging a rectangle. It's possible to select a segment's
** adjacent nodes by clicking on the segment. It's possible to add/remove active
** nodes by using Ctrl when clicking a node or dragging a rectangle
** We recommend that you turn off vertex markers in QGIS options when working with
** this tool: the redraws are much faster and the map is not cluttered with
** markers.
** Keyboard shortcuts:
** New feature: configure shortcuts for actions within main window of qgis!
** See menu Setting->Configure shortcuts
** Map Composer:
** It is now possible to lock/unlock composer item positions by right mouse click.
** The width and height of the composer map will now remain fixed if user sets the
** composer map extent to the map canvas extent. possibility to display
** current date in composer label by typing (d 'June' yyyy) or similar.
** It is now possible to keep the current layers in a composer map even if further
** layers are added to the main map. Export to PDF in composer is now possible.
** Attribute tables:
** It is now possible to search the attribute table within selected records only.
** General speedups have been made on the attribute table. Setting of field width
** and precision when adding attributes is now possible. Handling of attribute
** types in WFS provider has bee improved.
** Attribute aliases for vector layers are now available. The aliases are shown
** instead of the original field names in the info tool and attribute table to
** make things easier for end users. There is now a GUI for setting edit widgets
** for layer attributes. A new dialog allows loading a value map from a layer
** (could be non-spatial table too!). The edit widgets settings will also now
** be respected in the attribute table.
** Plugins:
** - The order of layers in the WMS dialog can now be changed.
** - The eVis plugin, version 1.1.0, has been added to the QGIS project and
** included as a standard plugin. More information about eVis can be found here:
** .
** - The interpolation plugin now has the ability to use line layers as constrains
** for triangulation in interpolation plugin. You can also now save the
** triangulation to shape file.
** - An new OpenStreetMap provider and plugin have been added to QGIS.
** Projects Management:
** QGIS now includes support for project relative position of file data sources
** and svgs. The saving of relative paths of file data sources is optional.
** PostGIS & the PostgreSQL Provider:
** You can now select the SSL mode when adding a new DB connection. Turning off
** SSL encryption can greatly improve performance of PostGIS data loading where
** connection security is not required. Support has been added for more native
** types and for setting of column comments.
** Symbology enhancements:
** - allow refresh of symbols via popup menu on the renderer's symbol selection
** - add support for data defined symbols
** - add support for font symbol markers (only data defined - no gui yet)
** - add symbol size in map units (ie. symbols that keep the size in mapunits
** independant of the mapscale)
** Command line arguments:
** Added command line argument support on windows.
** Enhancement of command line arguments:
** - allow given snapshot sizes
** - allow suppression of splash screen
** - capture map decorations from plugins on snapshots
** Grass:
** There is a new GRASS shell. Also there have been many cleanups and consistency
** updates.
Version 1.1.0 'Pan'
** Please note that this is a release in our 'unstable' release series. As
** such it contains new features and extends the programmatic interface over
** QGIS 1.0.x. If stability and long term support is more important to you
** then cool new and untested features, we recommend that you use a copy
** of QGIS from our stable 1.0.x release series.
** This release includes many bug fixes and enchancements
** over the QGIS 1.0.0 release. In addition we have added
** the following new features:
** Updates to translations.
** Improvements and polishing of the Python plugin installer. Switch to the
** new official QGIS repository.
** Improvements to themes so that plugins and other parts of the GUI are
** better supported when switching themes. Addition of the new GIS icon
** theme.
** Improvements to Debian packaging to better support Debian standard
** requirements.
** Support usb: as a GPS device under Linux.
** WMS plugin now supports sorting and shows nested layers as a tree. WMS
** provider also support 24bit png images now. The WMS plugin also now
** provides a search interface for finding WMS servers.
** Added svg point symbols symbols from Matt Amos (with his permission).
** Improvements to proxy support and support of proxy in WFS provider. The
** WFS provider now also shows progress information as it is fetching data.
** Improvements the PostGIS client support. Massive speedups in PostGIS layer
** rendering can now be achieved by disabling SSL in the connection editor.
** Mapserver Export improvements for continuous color support.
** Added tools menu - the fTools plugins are now part of the core QGIS
** plugins and will always be installed by default.
** Improvements to the print composer including object alignment options. It
** is also now possible to print maps as postcript raster or vector. For
** python programmers, the composer classes now have python bindings.
** When using File - Save as image, the saved image is now georeferenced.
** Projection selector now includes quick selection of recently used CRS's.
** Continuous color renderer supports point symbols now too.
** Improved CMake support for building against dependencies from OSGEO4W
** (Windows only). Addition of an XCode project of developers building under
** OSX.
** Updates and cleanups to the GRASS toolbox.
** Changes in open vector dialog to support all drivers available in ogr
** including database and protocol drivers. This brings with it support for
** SDE, Oracle Spatial, ESRI personal geodatabase and many more OGR
** supported data stores. Note that in some cases accessing these may
** require third party libraries to be on your system.
** The middle mouse button can now be used for panning.
** A new, faster attribute table implementation.
** Numerous cleanups to the user interface.
** A new provider was added for spatiallite - a geodatabase-in-a-file
** implementation based on the SQLITE database.
** Vector overlay support that can draw pie and bar charts over vector
** layers based on attribute data.
Version 1.0.0 'Kore'
** This release includes over 265 bug fixes and enhancements over the
** QGIS 0.11.0 release. In addition we have made the following changes:
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