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Some more comments for QgsExpression

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wonder-sk committed Aug 19, 2011
1 parent 9e58b07 commit 25ff28a0fab5d802513118ea8818cad95e6be7d1
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  1. +22 −1 src/core/qgsexpression.h
@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ class QgsDistanceArea;
class QgsFeature;

Class for parsing and evaluation of expressions (formerly called "search strings")
Class for parsing and evaluation of expressions (formerly called "search strings").
The expressions try to follow both syntax and semantics of SQL expressions.
@@ -50,9 +51,29 @@ Possible QVariant value types:
- double
- string
Similarly to SQL, this class supports three-value logic: true/false/unknown.
Unknown value may be a result of operations with missing data (NULL). Please note
that NULL is different value than zero or an empty string. For example
3 > NULL returns unknown.
There is no special (three-value) 'boolean' type: true/false is represented as
1/0 integer, unknown value is represented the same way as NULL values: invalid QVariant.
For better performance with many evaluations you may first call prepare(fields) function
to find out indices of columns and then repeatedly call evaluate(feature).
Type conversion: operators and functions that expect arguments to be of particular
type automatically convert the arguments to that type, e.g. sin('2.1') will convert
the argument to a double, length(123) will first convert the number to a string.
Explicit conversion can be achieved with toint, toreal, tostring functions.
If implicit or explicit conversion is invalid, the evaluation returns an error.
Comparison operators do numeric comparison in case both operators are numeric (int/double)
or they can be converted to numeric types.
Arithmetic operators do integer arithmetics if both operands are integer. That is
2+2 yields integer 4, but 2.0+2 returns real number 4.0. There are also two versions of
division and modulo operators: 1.0/2 returns 0.5 while 1/2 returns 0.
@note added in 2.0
class CORE_EXPORT QgsExpression

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